Food Day in Restaurants

Bill_Griffiths_Farmers_Gastropub Restaurants are invited to celebrate Food Day with positive steps, like buying more produce, meat and eggs from local farms; adding more whole grains to breads and pastas; or collecting money for food banks.

Food Day is a great opportunity to reinforce direct contacts between chefs and producers and educate your consumer base.  It’s also a great way to join hundreds of thousands of Americans celebrating healthy, affordable and sustainable food and provide greater access to “real” food options.

Some ideas for participation include creating a special Food Day menu that features food from local farms, or team up with other restaurateurs to create a Food Day Restaurant Week that features local and sustainable menus.  Or, perhaps run a special on Food Day or during the week leading up to Food Day on October 24.

Other suggestions include inviting a farmer to talk to customers and include their produce in the menu on Food Day.

By partnering with your local and national Food Day campaign, you’ll also have many resources available for promotion and community education about your restaurant. has a multitude of tools and resources available to help you get started.