Food Day at Your Business

CoxHealth Food Day provides a vehicle for a wide variety of stakeholders in and out of the food system to work together to spread the message about healthy, affordable and sustainable food to the broader public.  Many companies participate across the country by engaging customers, vendors and employees through wellness programs and marketing materials.

Food Day was covered by 216 local news outlets in more than 140 cities last year.  Overall, Food Day received 332 mentions on TV, with coverage in 66 markets and 134 individual outlets, reaching a total audience of 10.4 million viewers.

ANPAC All businesses in and out of the food industry are invited to partner with us.  There are many ways to get involved and has all the tools and resources you need to get started.  Here are examples of ways your business can join this important and increasingly popular campaign:

  • Promote Food Day through social media
  • Host a healthy food drive for your food bank
  • Organize a CSA (community supported agriculture arrangements with farmers) for employees
  • Encourage employees to celebrate Food Day at their homes, churches, schools and communities
  • Improve the nutritional quality of foods in the company cafeterias and vending machines; buy some food from local, sustainable farms.
  • Coordinate a volunteer event to spend time helping out at a community garden
  • Sponsor a local event has all the tools and resources you’ll need to get you started and we have a strong group of partners available locally to help you.